Devac Invest Africa Projects

The series of DEVAC INVEST AFRICA projects officially started in December 2012.

All DEVAC INVEST AFRICA projects were created by the Founder and CEO of SEALZED GROUP (Pty) Ltd, Sean Lumbue, with the aim to provide new business partnerships within various sectors in Africa as well as to increase sustainable Investments across the African continent for the development of African countries.


The representations of the DEVAC INVEST AFRICA projects are currently sectioned as follow:


DEVAC INVESTPowerIN is a project that that focuses on seeking innovative solutions on how to increase electricity access in Africa and how to overcome the issues facing the power generation within the African Power and Energy sector.


The DEVAC INVESTPowerIN project is seen as an excellent and exceptional opportunity to exchange essential information and form possible business partnerships in order to ensure suitable and sustainable investments within the African Power Industry for the development of Africa, all together with governments of African countries, international investors, leaders in the African Power sector, service providers, energy users, power producers, experts and all other the key players who are involved in the “new initiative of achieving a complete access to electricity within the African continent”.


The DEVAC INVESTConstrux project was created with the aim to promote the construction industry in Africa as well as to attract international buyers, suppliers, service providers and manufacturers. DEVAC INVESTConstrux constantly seek any up-to-date construction and building methods which will all beneficiate to the development of construction needs in African countries. This exceptional project also welcome all innovative solutions from construction companies, building designers, architects, building owners and construction engineers, in order to advise about their newest technologies, construction equipment and products suitable for the African construction sector.


The DEVAC INVESTEducA project focuses on the development of the Education sector across the African continent. The main objective of this project is to provide information on the latest growth in education at all levels which includes educational technology, e-learning, publishing and methods contributing to the improvement of the standard of education in African countries.


The secondary purpose of the DEVAC INVESTEducA project is to regularly consult with Education professional practitioners, academics, schools and universities to debate and share their board of knowledge, perspectives and ideas in order to ensure the pursuit excellence in the development of education in Africa. The project have always welcomed all leaders within the African education sector such as ministers of education, chancellors of education institutes and other education officials, to give an insight of their respective educational systems and the specific areas where education presently needs to be invested and developed.


The DEVAC INVESTMining project is entirely focused on the development of the mining sector across Africa as well as the future of the mining investment in African countries.


The aim of the DEVAC INVESTMining project is to constantly coordinate with African Government authorities, international investors, mining companies, mining experts, senior officials in the African mining sector, service providers operating in the private mining sector in Africa, in order for them to provide an insight of the current state of the mining sector in African countries and to advise about Africa’s ongoing development projects with the objective to give an idea to key players who are looking to develop their businesses and also to contribute to the development of the mining sector across the African continent about the business climate in the African mining market.


The African continent needs to be much more aware of all existing and emerging threats as well as the updated security best practice and guidelines of the Internet of Things.


The DEVAC INVEST-IoT project is specifically intended to learn about all possible risks and vulnerabilities that can be detected by using the Internet of Things applications and systems. This project strongly influences partnerships between all other stakeholder organisations stakeholder organisations that are seeking to use and to develop the IoT technologies across Africa. The stakeholder organizations include government, regulators, companies offering IoT solutions and services security products.

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