Consulting Services

The focus of our management consulting services is based on assisting our clients in their most critical issues and opportunities in a variety of industries across the African continent.

Our business consulting has experience working across all sectors; however our involvement is largely focused in the following industries: Construction, Infrastructure, Power, Education, Agribusiness, Mining, Internet of Things (IoT) Security and Oil & Gas


SEALZED supports both the public and private sectors in Africa in various industries. We advise our clients on their most critical challenges and opportunities as we aim to create value through our interaction by increasing the operational effectiveness of their organisations.

Our involvement is largely focused in the following industries:


As the construction sector in sub-Saharan Africa offers several bright prospects, SEALZED is dedicated to provide comprehensive services across the African the construction sector. Our expertise focuses on building products (electrical, roofing, plumbing, flooring, windows), building materials (concrete, cement, and brick), infrastructure (roads, ports, airports, and rails), home building as well as distribution and retail.


We assist our clients depending on their needs and we work closely with the public and private sector, international and local businesses, companies from various areas of the construction industry in order to ensure that we are always successful in delivering satisfying results based on the client’s requests.


SEALZED has experience assisting companies and providing services on infrastructure projects across Africa. Our infrastructure expertise consists of working with companies across multiple areas of the industry including: Ports, Airports, Roads, Bridges and Rails.


We are consistently working in partnerships with construction and building products companies to achieve positive results. Our services are based upon the specific needs of each client with the objective to enables clients to overcome challenges that may occur, hence we also provide guidance throughout each stage of the development of our clients’ infrastructure projects in order to ensure that each project is delivered on time.


SEALZED works with utilities and companies on a variety of power projects with the main objective to continuously seek innovative solutions on how to increase electricity access in Africa and how to overcome the issues facing the power generation within the African Power and Energy sector.


With regards to assisting our clients, we are mainly focused on projects that are involved in the following sections of the African power industry: renewable energy providers, electric and gas utilities, power generation, power transmission, storage and distribution, water and waste utilities.


Nelson Mandela once said that education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world. And part of the primary objectives of SEALZED has been to focus and commit on the development of the Education sector across the African continent.


We work closely on various projects with African governments, local and international companies, stakeholders and everyone else involved in improving Access to Education in Africa as well as the improvement of the Educational sector across the African continent. And throughout these numerous projects, one of our main goal is to also provide information on the latest growth in education at all levels which includes educational technology, e-learning, publishing and methods contributing to the improvement of the standard of education in African countries.


SEALZED works together with agricultural companies and agribusiness experts to address opportunities within the agriculture sector across the African continent to ensure the development of African countries.


Our experience across the African Agribusiness industry includes resource management, farming, conservation, ranching, and sales.


As technology has progressed and markets have become increasingly global, agricultural business has developed to meet and solve high-tech farming needs and problems.


As technology has progressed within the agricultural sector, the agricultural business and markets have become increasingly global, therefore the approach of SEALZED in the agricultural business is to develop to meet and solve high-tech farming needs and problems.


We work with mining companies based in different geographical areas of the African continent and our aim is to assist mining companies achieving their strategies in the following mining business issues: Performance improvement, Technological Innovation and Corporate growth.


The expertise in our services consists of building strategies, exploring growth and business opportunities across the African mining industry. We work with our clients to help them improve equipment and labour productivity, and we also help them adapt with evolving technologies, innovation and regulation with the objective to overcome the various challenges faced by the current state of the mining sector in African countries.

Internet Of Things (IOT) Security

SEALZED assist companies build or improve their IoT Security strategies and define the different valuable ways to incorporate those strategies for the reason that the Internet of Things (IoT) requires improved security controls and better education to minimize the probability of an attack.


Our capability consist of understanding the customer’s needs as we work closely with vendors by assessing their IoT products and service offerings  in order to ensure that all IoT security challenges faced by the customer are met and most importantly to guarantee the customer’s safety from any potential attacks.

Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas industry across the African continent is rapidly expanding. SEALZED assist governments and Oil & Gas companies to develop the right strategies to respond to changes, updates and discoveries in an industry that has become very dynamic across Africa.


We work with Oil & Gas companies that are involved in equipment manufacturing, midstream, exploration and production, refining & marketing and oil field service, and we help our clients assess the opportunities and risks in the industry around the African continent by implementing solutions that will produce effective, efficient and satisfying results for them.

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